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If you want to guess the age of a patron, just watch how they hold a menu.  The early 40-somethings always give away their age when they hold the menu at a distance to read it better.  They often don’t realize they are slowly developing a condition called presbyopia until someone else points it out.  This change occurs in the mid to early 40’s and is one of the common problems adults between 40 and 60 will experience.  Holding items at a distance, removing glasses to see better up close and having difficulty reading the fine print on a restaurant menu are some of the signs of aging that can be corrected with by switching to the proper lenses.  Usually this means switching to bifocal or multifocal lenses.   This can be determined by visiting your eye care specialist.  Once you have your new prescription, the fun can begin.  That’s because you can search Groupon and find a coupon code for Coastal and use it to buy new glasses online.

 If you’re wondering how a person can buy glasses online, it’s really not as complicated as one might think.  There are basic steps to follow and you are guided through them online in easy to follow tutorials.  You’ll be shown how to take your measurements using their easy to follow guide, called the MyFit tool, and then you’re prompted to begin the search for the frames that will look best on you.  Here’s a tip:  You can go to one of the big box stores and try on glasses in their department to get an idea of what you like.  This will make you feel more confident as you navigate through the selection process online. 

When you make your purchase, you’ll be joining the thousands of customers who’ve found how easy and economical it is to use the services of Coastal to buy new glasses.  Not only do they sell frames, they have contact lens service as well.  And true to their mission of making quality eyecare affordable, they offer tips for better eye health right on their website.  That’s why they’ve teamed up with Groupon to offer deals like 30% off glasses and 25% off contact lenses when you enter the right code at checkout.  Don’t spend another night holding the menu so far away from your face it could catch fire on a candle.  Shop Groupon and get a code for Coastal.  There will be no more strain on your eyes or your wallet.